Josephine Holloway; Girl Scout Leader


This is an example of how a marker may be empowered using the Query-Point System. Below is the text of the marker itself. You may add more text for people to read, as we are doing here, and, you may add more text for people to listen to, or use an audio file. We require the file to be an MP3 and we have used this service successfully: Imagine the voice of James Earl Jones reading aloud the text of markers, then adding whatever further information you wish to impart. Our Example: Josephine Groves Holloway 1898-1988 Josephine Holloway graduated from Fisk University with a degree in sociology in 1923. She worked at Bethlehem Center as a case worker, where she began organizing the first African-American Girl Scouts troops in Middle Tenn. In 1924 Holloway trained with Girl Scouts founder Juliette Gordon Low. From 1944-63 she worked as the Girl Scout Council’s first black professional. In 1951 her efforts were central to establishing Camp Holloway, in Millersville, TN, for African American girls. You may add up to 24 photos, add a video link. plus add whatever social media links your group uses and up to 3 web links. Add a donation link to make it easy for people to support your efforts. We recommend each marker has our Location Based Enhanced QR Code. It allows people without the app to approach the marker and get the same info in a platform neutral format through the use of our location "Widget". You may add your markers to the system in blocks of 100. Download our template from your subscription page and add your markers title and text, and its gps point. Thank you for looking. Steve Ray